Tips for helping others

There are a number of things you can do to help someone cut back on, or stop gambling. It's often a good idea to talk with them about what might work best. Remember, you are not alone and there are free and confidential support services available to both of you.

There are a number of things you can do:

  • talk with them about what might work best
  • show them this site
  • use the free and confidential support services available to both of you.

Money management

You could try the following things:

  • Set an amount to spend on gambling each week and withdraw only that amount for them
  • Help them manage their money
  • Look after their credit and eftpos cards
  • Set up automatic payments for bills and give them only what they need for food and other essentials
  • Contact the Gambling Debt Helpline on 0800 654 658 and arrange for the person to talk to a Financial counsellor.

Staying away from venues

It’s a good idea to help someone with a gambling problem to avoid going to the places where they might be tempted to gamble, or to only go to gambling venues with friends and family who are not gambling. If that is too tempting, you may like to help exclude the person from a venue or multiple venues.

Under New Zealand law, a venue can exclude a person with a gambling problem or someone can choose to exclude themselves from a venue or multiple venues venues for a period of six months to two years. You can help support someone by going into a venue with them to request/fill out the exclusion paperwork or contact a local Gambling Help service who can support you both with this.If a person has been excluded from a venue, they, and the venue operator can be fined if they enter the gambling area.

Someone in your area can help support you with the exclusion process. Call the Gambling Helpline 0800 654 655 for further information.

Block computer access to gambling sites 

Software programmes like Safe Eyes, Secure Web, and GamBlock can be installed to block certain sites, restrict access times, and block whole categories of sites. There are also programmes that will monitor and report all activity from a computer.

Take part in other activities together

It can be helpful to substitute someone's gambling with other activities they enjoy. Think about the when and where they gamble and alternatives on offer. Social and or fun keeps their mind off it. See our keeping busy page.