Sharing and talking

If you are worried about your gambling, it's a great idea to share that concern with someone. Your friends and family may already be worried that something is causing problems and may even know it's gambling.

Explain how you feel and what you want with friends and family

It helps if you can start to explain how it is for you and what you might want, or need, from the person you’re talking to.

‘I was spending $20 a week on the pokies but I have recently started spending a bit more and I’m getting a bit worried about our bills. I think it’s best if I just draw out what I need for the week so I’m not tempted and get you to look after my eftpos card for me.’

‘I think that my gambling might be a problem. It used to be fun but now I think about it heaps and it's becoming a bit stressful. I'd like to talk to someone about it, can you come with me?’

How will they react?

Sometimes it can take a bit of time for the people who care about you to understand how gambling’s affected your life. Or you might find that they are relieved to know and are very understanding right from the start. If people offer you help and support, take them up on it. You may be able to find ways of dealing with the problem or seeking help together.

What they might need

The people who care about you may also need support and advice to help them deal with your gambling. You could point them to this website or let them know that free and confidential support services are available to them too. Click here for a list of the services.

Talking to someone new for help

There are a great number of free and confidential support services that you can talk to, email or even text. Here is the list of them all, again they are here just to help you no matter how big or small your concern or if your concern is for someone else.

It’s important to never hesitate from giving them a call as they’re there for you.