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“Because sometimes our people don't really know that the [pokie] machine was designed to give profit to the organisation. They never knew that. Because that's all they believe: that gambling is about winning. 

So I always say to the client: "Gambling is risk taking." And the certainty that you might win this first or you might lose. One of the things that's never hardly mentioned; we only talk about loss of house and relationships etc. People never talk about loss of time.

I'll just give you an example of an Internet gambler that I work with. She is a female person married to "other ethnic", wealthy man. When she called to our service it was allocated to me and I work with this person. When I get to know her a little bit better, in our relationship, I found out they are quite wealthy people. But I work with her... I said to her "what do you really want to see if you're on the net? You have computer all over the place in your house.”

You can just imagine that they live in a mansion. And I said to her, "What do you want to see happen?" When I explore her money they lost when she came for help... It can go up to two thousand dollars - lost! You know? With the internet gambling. 

So we're looking at a plan together. And I said "do you really want to stop this?" She said, "No". So we look at how to minimise the time and the amount and frequency of playing. So we planned it together, and I think that I can answer that... Yes, this woman cut right down from two thousand dollars on the internet gaming.

Plus we bring the husband to the talatalanoa. And we all work together, the three of us. No more access to their account from that credit card and then open up a new credit card, which is the new credit card where he put in $50 and said "that's for your game darling!"

I think that's one of my successes. With this woman, it was not about stopping. It's about being wiser and being able to care for others. To feel for the partner and to work together with him, in a way: "Hey I understand that you can't, but look, we can do it together’”

Katoni's story

Katoni explains how some people can reduce harmful gambling without having to stop gambling.