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If there was somebody out there, who was concerned about someone's gambling. Or even somebody who's maybe getting concerned about their own gambling. Not sure what to do next. Not sure whether they should speak to the other person or speak to somebody.

I would recommend that calling the gambling helpline is perhaps a good first step. We are a national service so people can call us from anywhere within the country. And we are a free phone service as well, so it won't cost anybody anything to call us. And we're available 24-7, so whatever time of day or night we would have trained counsellors here, who could answer the phone.

Also if people feel uncomfortable with calling us and speaking to someone over the phone. Although everything is totally confidential, we do also have a text service and an email service.

I guess for everybody, it's different in terms of how much they can gamble before it becomes a problem. So for some people maybe even gambling ten dollars a week is a problem, because they don't have ten dollars extra to spend. So I guess with any individual person if they feel just that inkling of, perhaps something's not quite right here.

They should feel free to contact us and just talk it through with their counsellors.

Maria's story

Maria talks about what the free Gambling Helpline has to offer.