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“I'm not the only one through with this problem today. There are thousands of people out there. They have the same problems, like what I've been through with it.

I came to New Zealand, I was 19 years old in the 70's. I start gambling since the beginning of the 80s.

I used the wife's money. The kids grow up, I start using their money. And I know for a fact this gambling problem I had, ruined my life and my family. And it's a funny thing, a funny thing too was before I start gambling, I was a good man.

I don't get angry but since I start gambling my attitude was changed. Come as very angry. Confusing, because I hate losing money and it really, really puts me in an angry attitude.

I lost my families. My first family; my ex-wife, two children. Here comes the next family. My second family, two children - lost that because of my gambling problems.

Sometimes I cry - miss my family. Stop that gambling. Leave the horses alone and leave the machines, pokie machines alone. And you gonna be happiest person in the world.”

Posese's story

Posese looks back on his gambling journey and the impact that had on his family.