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I started pretty young. About four or five playing mah-jong with my family. Mostly with my younger brother and my parents. I've been here 30 something years.

We would have a group of people doing the same business. They will Monday come to my shop. Next week, go to their shop and we gamble between us. You could see thousands of dollars exchange every time.

When I was gambling, doesn't really think about that. Always think of this is my right. I work hard. I remember one time I have all the takings and I lost the whole week's takings. I couldn't pay the staff the next day. Luckily, my mother was still alive at that time. And she helped me out. She get her money for me to pay the staff.

Lowest point... I think that was it. That was the one that was the one time. And I feel really, really small. Really not a man. I'm not a man thing could happen. Down to really almost nothing. From really well good business and down to nothing.

And also because of the reputation in a tight community. Because I have got my brother living, if I carry on affect him too. But after that, waking up I think I need to face the world and face what happened.

Let go of things, don't have attachments and this how also help me to wake up about gambling. Because gambling, the people, the gambler couldn't let go. It's like I lost fifty thousand or ten, hundred thousand. If I stop now, how am I going to get that hundred thousand back?

But with the philosophy of letting go then doesn't matter how much you lose. You're looking to the future.

Simon's story

Simon describes the harm caused by gambling and the changes he needed to make.