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“I've been a budget advisor for 24 years. I help people with your personal finances. So that is the rent, the power, the phone, credit contracts, things like that. We try and help people manage that.

In the last, probably about five years, we have had more people with gambling issues come to the service for help. Our budget form has a whole lot of things listed on it.

And when we're going through working out with somebody what their budget is, we go through and say. "How much do you need for rent? How much do you need for food? How much do you need for gambling?" And just treat it as if it's one of the normal things people spend money on. And hope that they will actually identify that there is money going on that.

If they identify to me that they've got a gambling problem, I ask them if they're getting help for that. If they say "yes." I say, "okay, that's fine we can just go ahead and work with this.

And as long as you're getting that gambling addiction help then we'll probably make progress." You know a whole process is confidential. It is free. We try to empower people to manage your own finances. So we don't take control of that off the client.

We often have relationships with creditors and we can often make arrangements that aren't available to the general public. So we can often tap into things like that to help out.

I think the biggest thing: is get help. If you think you're getting into a situation that is getting out of control. Get help as soon as you can. The sooner you get help, the easier it is to get on top of it.”

Shirley's story

Shirley explains the help that Budgeting Services can provide.