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What really got me hooked was that one win. Went down, did a quick game. Walked out of there with 15 grand on a pair of eights.

Probably from there when things started cropping up, extra things needed be done around the house. Things started breaking down, I would say, "I've done it before, I can do it again."

Then it got to a point where I actually stole from my wife's job to keep my habit going. My wife rung me, she was crying on the phone to me saying that, there's thousands of dollars missing from her account. And then I said to her over the phone, "I did it." Until that time I didn't think I had a gambling problem. I really didn't. 

The help I've been getting has been priceless. Dealing with a lot of things that I need to deal with now, so it doesn't pass on to my kids.

The way I put things into perspective is if I go and gamble my kids ain't going to eat. My power isn't going to be paid. My rent ain't getting paid and I won't be able to get to work. That's what keeps me on track. Before I never used to care about that sort of stuff.

It was all about me, screwed everybody else, it was all about me. Like they say, "the truth sets you free," and it does. It was just a big relief. It felt like a tonne of bricks had been lifted off me.

Hoani's story

Hoani talks about how his gambling led him to steal from his wife’s workplace.