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“I was born into a family with Dad's gambling addiction already well evolved. If Dad didn't come home, then, the first thought was usually that he was gambling and predominantly that's where Dad was and Mum and various other people went out looking from to find where he was.

I do remember him being home and being a dad. He used to take us to the park and take us for long drives and the things that dads do. But maybe not quite as much as other friends because the gambling, I guess in a way did really consume a lot of his time or at least his thoughts and energy. I don't even remember being told "make sure you hide your money." It was just something I knew that I had to do. 

I had a hidden money tin which meant that dad had to have searched my room completely to find it and when I came home he said, “I owe you this much money.” Probably stresses that a child shouldn't really have to worry about.

It wasn't till he desperately and he really wanted to change that the help that he sought actually started to take effect. It actually did start to help him work his way through the problem.

Talk to someone, if it can't be your mum, or your dad depending on who it is. Then maybe a relative or a close friend or other family member.

And I guess just remember that your children are affected by the gambling addiction too. It may seem that it's only say you and your husband but the children do get taken along for the journey too and it does affect them. Maybe in different ways, but it still does affect the children as well.”

Nicole's Story

Nicole speaks about growing up in a family with her Dad gambling